Featured Artist: Cynde Hujarski

                                                                       Pierced Heart Copper Cleveland, Ohio necklace.

                                                                                                       A Native exclusive for $45.

“After working for a number of years in the interior design industry,
I decided to return to school to pursue a more “hands on” approach to creating art.
I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry/Metals from Kent State University in
December this past year. I am a jewelry artist that works in a variety of metals and mediums.
While I enjoy creating jewelry from metals such as silver, brass, and copper, I also like
to incorporate bright colors into my work using methods such as enameling, powder
coat paint, and recycled or re-purposed materials.  Some of my pieces use recycled
nostalgic tins that give the wearer a glimpse of iconic images and text.  My most recent
collection of earrings are created using sterling silver wire and 35mm negatives which
are bleached, dyed, cut and shaped into floral-like forms. I continue to experiment in
my home studio with various metals and recycled materials to create unique, one-of-
kind jewelry pieces.”

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