Northcoast Zeitgeist square buttons at $3 each, now available at NATIVE. (shown above “Sunny, Ohio” & “Stately, Ohio”)

These 4″x6″ cards are pretty awesome for your desk at work or home, greeting cards, and even postcards.  Sold individually at $4.50 or as a complete set for $12.

Northcoast Zeitgeist is the brainchild of Joseph Hughes and Casey Myers, two hard-working, progressive Midwesterners. Part design, part photography, part civic boosterism, part blog, Northcoast Zeitgeist is an outlet for our creative energies and an attempt to highlight the best of what our little corner of the world has to offer.  When we’re not creating or bloggin’ it, Casey is hard at work on a doctorate and Joseph is an art director at an area advertising agency. We are joined in this adventure by our cat, Bea Arthur, who, despite being adorable, would eat us if she was big enough, as well as our wonderful pooch, Quigley, who loves naps and hates our mailman.

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