Featured Artist: Branden Vondrak

Each four framed acrylic paintings are now available at NATIVE for the holidays:

30.5″x21″Paintings: $300

24″x15.5″ Prints: $20/ea.

I am a Cleveland native, Tremont resident and 2010 BFA Visual Communication Design graduate from Kent State University.  I’ve been painting since 2005 and have shown in multiple venues in Ohio since 2007.  As an artist, I have always been drawn to the allure of Street Art, the directness of Pop Art and the honesty of the found object.  My current artistic intent centers around the representation of cultural icons in a flattened impressionistic painterly approach.  I choose objects that either I have shared a history with, or have a strong social context.  Ultimately, I have no defined prerequisites for image creation although, color and shape will ultimately dictate my judgement. “

“I am also very much inspired by the sign painters and poster artists from the early to mid century.  I try to imagine my images in the public context where they are not only utilitarian but also curious and inviting.  I strive to create a uniquely human graphic that is free of digital perfection.  There is no use of underdrawings to guide me as I enjoy the unpredictable result.  My work is created as a still life in which I paint directly from sight and build images through layers of translucent acrylic washes.  I encourage the fluidity of the medium and showcase my process by allowing textural marks and transparency to bring depth into the work.  I push myself to produce a painting that looks like the object while also embracing the uncertainty and my own hand.  My current painting influences, such as Wayne Thiebaud and Larry Rivers, come from the Pop Modern Era.”

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